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What Jobs Are in High Demand Right Now?

One of the hardest things about the job market is predicting the availability of new jobs. We can’t always be sure what jobs are going to be in demand tomorrow, let alone the weeks and months after that.

All it takes is one market event for the probability of which jobs will be available to be turned upside down.

As such, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that you are up-to-date as to which jobs are in demand and which you can expect to be prepared for based on your experience – such as the jobs in high demand listed below.

1. Retail and Grocery Store Workers

The recent pandemic has shined a light on how essential these jobs are. For far too long we have taken these positions for granted. This is especially true given the fact that these positions are more exposed to the pandemic than other, online positions given their frequent contact with people and supplies from various locations.

Of course, the status of these positions and how well they are supported can vary from store to store. Some retail workers are compensated far better than others, or have far stronger unions, so be sure to do your research and see what kind of benefits the company offers.

2. Delivery Drivers

On a related note, delivery drivers are in demand for much the same reason. With so many people ordering food, clothes, and other goods online due to the pandemic, the demand for delivery drivers is as high as ever.

Unlike retail and grocery workers, however, where very little initial training is typically needed and much of it can be done on the job or immediately prior to it, you’ll need an official license to drive a delivery truck. Moreover, different classes of vehicles have different licenses. If you have one of those licenses, congratulations – it just got all the more lucrative. If you do not, obtaining one now may be a wise monetary decision.

3. Online Teachers

The ongoing pandemic has led to school closures, which in turn has placed the already-booming world of online teaching into overdrive. Can’t send your child to school to learn their ABCs and 123s, or can’t work as a teacher yourself given the pandemic?

Why not log onto an online school and take advantage of great online teachers from around the world, or join their ranks yourself?

Here again, qualifications are essential. If you are teaching English to non-native speakers online, for example, you’ll typically need a TEFL, TOEFL, or CELTA qualification. Thankfully, there are many accredited bodies who can get you certified, often entirely online, within a few weeks or months.

Even before the pandemic, Eastern Europe, Russia, and most of all, China were huge hotbeds of online English teaching activity, with schools like First Future, Teach ABC, SkyEng, and others being among the leaders in the industry.

4. Professional Cooks

Once again we’re dealing with a job that’s essential to life. Everyone needs to eat, but (let’s face it) not all of us are great cooks, making those with more culinary skills and experience in-demand. Here again you’ll need a food handling license, and experience will be essential, but if you have them, you may be in for a buffet of job possibilities.

5. Delivery and Communication Apps

Farewell, fine dining in cafés, hello Deliveroo. Goodbye, big office meetings, hello Zoom.

Of course this isn’t goodbye forever, but these apps are already incredibly popular and are likely to remain so for the near future. The pandemic may have upped the necessity of these services, but they did not introduce them. Working from home and ordering in are increasingly part of everyday life in our increasingly online-based world, making jobs in either sector valuable.

These jobs can vary from coding for the apps themselves to social media marketing and management to more administrative or customer service positions.

The main thing about all of these jobs is that they are well-suited to our new reality. How long this reality lasts is anyone’s guess, but even after the worst of COVID-19 passes, its effects, economic and otherwise, will likely linger for some time. As such, all of the positions listed above just became a lot more valuable to customers, employers, and job seekers alike.

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